Tips For Choosing A Coffee Table
Tips For Choosing A Coffee Table

In modern life, the coffee table is an indispensable household item. The coffee table is widely used in family life. In general, the placement of the coffee table is often the center of the living room. Therefore, the furniture in the living room, besides the sofa, can be said to be the most noticeable! And how to buy a coffee table has become quite important, but many people will be confused when buying a coffee table. I do n’t know how to choose to make the home more beautiful. Today I will introduce you to the skills of buying a coffee table. !

Choose coffee table according to material
There are many materials for coffee tables. Common wooden tables include wooden coffee tables, iron coffee tables, glass coffee tables, stone coffee tables, etc. The specific choice of the material coffee table, in addition to according to the preferences of the occupants, the most important thing is to adapt to the interior decoration style. For example, wood-made coffee tables are naturally mild and calmer, and are often used for Chinese-style or simple and clear decoration styles; iron coffee tables are often welded with iron materials of different sizes and thicknesses, and the style is more cold and cold. Other materials are softened, more suitable for European and American style or industrial style; the glass coffee table is transparent and clean, and is more suitable for the small apartment of modern style!

Choose the size of the coffee table according to the size of the space
The size of the coffee table is also the main point of attention when people choose. The size of the coffee table is mainly selected according to the size of the indoor space, or according to the size of the sofa. The size of the more suitable coffee table is that the length of the coffee table is preferably 5/7 or 3/4 of the length of the sofa, and the width is preferably 1/5 wider than the sofa, and the height should be slightly higher than the sofa! If the home is a small apartment, you can choose a small and exquisite light-colored coffee table, otherwise, the small space will magnify the coffee table and it will appear to be domineering, while the larger apartment chooses a calmer coffee table, the color and size can be coordinated with the sofa; otherwise, the small space can be used, The coffee table will seem insignificant. In a relatively small space, you can place an oval, softly shaped coffee table, or a thin, long, and removable simple coffee table. The streamlined and minimalist coffee table makes the space look relaxed without feeling cramped.

Purchase according to safety performance
Whether it is a coffee table or other furniture, safety is always the first requirement. The safety requirements of the coffee table not only refer to environmental protection issues but also the safety requirements of appearance. For example, when choosing a wooden coffee table, in terms of safety, consumers should consider whether the wood of the coffee table is environmentally friendly and whether there is any formaldehyde excess. If this is wooden furniture, you can ask the merchant to show the environmental protection certification of the coffee table. The shape is safe. When we buy, we need to pay attention to whether the table of the coffee table has burrs, whether the corner of the table is round and smooth, whether the connection of the coffee table is stable, and so on. In addition to the beautiful decoration function, the coffee table also needs to carry tea sets, snacks, etc., so it should also pay attention to its bearing function and storage function. If the living room is small, you can consider buying a coffee table with a storage function or an expansion function to adjust it according to the needs of the owner.

Choose coffee table according to color
The match between the coffee table and the main color of the home is also very important. When choosing a coffee table, you need to consider the color of the sofa and the color of the ground. The colorful fabric sofa can be matched with a dark gray frosted metal coffee table or a light-colored log coffee table. Usually, if the floor is tiled, the coffee table should be in the same tone or opposite tone as the sofa. If the living room floor is a wooden floor, the color of the coffee table should be based on the approximate color of the sofa or light color.

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