Living Room Sofa Purchase
Living Room Sofa Purchase

I do n’t know if I do n’t need a coffee table or TV in the living room, but I do n’t have a sofa in the living room, at least I have n’t seen it! Almost everyone has a set of sofas in the living room, but the purchase of sofas is also very particular. Today we will talk about the purchase of sofas, I hope to help you!

1. Determine the texture
Common sofas are solid wood, cloth art, and leather art. With the development of modern technology and design, sofas that combine solid wood with cloth or leather art are also derived. The effect is also good.

①Solid wood
The solid wood coffee table is a unique furniture element in the Chinese style. The solid wood sofa is relatively hard. If you are usually used to sitting on the sofa and watching TV, the solid wood sofa is a good choice.

In addition, the solid wood sofa is also more durable due to its solid structure and material, and the solid wood sofa is also more convenient in terms of cleaning.

② Cloth
If you do n’t like a dignified sitting position at home, and you like to lie on the sofa and watch TV or brush your phone when you go home, the solid wood sofa is too hard, and the cloth or leather sofa is suitable for you.

Although the fabric sofa is not as cool as a solid wood in summer, it is much more comfortable to sit up in winter. Although the leather sofa is hot in summer, the surface is relatively cold when it is just sitting in winter, and the price of the fabric sofa is relatively close to the people, so the person who chooses Relatively more.

③ Cortex
The sitting requirements of the leather sofa and the fabric sofa are similar, but the difference in texture is very large, but the leather sofa is relatively dirty and easy to clean and wipe. Unlike the fabric sofa, it is not easy to absorb water. It is dirty and has trouble cleaning. select.

④Solid wood combination
The combination of solid wood is usually made of solid wood as a solid frame, cushioned with cloth or leather, suitable for some simple and modern Chinese living room. The combination of Chinese and Western design is also welcomed by many young people.

Common sofa materials are the above, you can go to the furniture store to experience the feeling of various materials sofa after sitting on it, and choose the material that suits your experience.

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